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Quality: as a specialized translation agency, flag ferry has obvious advantages in the staffing, understanding of customer demand and process control, and the translation quality reaches the translation level of the first-class law firm.

Price: in the case of ensuring the same quality of translation, the translation price of flag crossing is one fifth to ten percent of the translation price of the law firm, and one fifth to ten percent of foreign translation companies. And the law firms outsource the translation to flag crossing, costing less than half as much as internal digestion.

Confidentiality: flag to lawyer's attitude to the confidential documents, deeply understand the importance of confidentiality, ensure that it is not leaking and not misappropriated.

Speed: the flag ferry works at the pace of the lawyer and can methodically deal with emergency documents, helping clients to solve problems repeatedly and receiving favorable comments.

Batch processing: the flag is good at organizing team to handle batch translation, can effectively guarantee the accuracy, consistency and timeliness of batch translation.

Aesthetics: the format of all documents should be in accordance with the publication standards, and adjust according to customer's habits.

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