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About us
  Established by professionals with oversea education backgrounds and senior legal translators once working in American law firms, Etranslegal, is one of the earliest legal translation service provider in China with its predecessor being Yingjie Legal Translation . After merging with Meng Si in 2011, it turns into one of the service products under Meng Si. Since its establishment, Etranslegal has been committed to provide legal translation service with efficiency and accuracy, and strives to win clients with integrity and quality . Through years of development, Etranslegal has diversified its legal translation service with the focus on legal translation. We have set up a powerful talent pool, accumulated rich translation resources and molded our unique translation features. Etranslegal’s clients consist of local and foreign law firms, transnational corporations (e.g. Maunsell Façade Group and UFIDA Software), banks and prestigious universities, such as Peking University and China University of Political Science and Law. Our translation service covers all legal areas ranging from common legal documents, law and regulations and papers of the listed companies to the various kinds of contracts. Recently, we have been invited by Association of Corporate Counsel to be its authorized translation team for Chief Legal Officer, one of the most authoritative law journals in America.
  Integrity—As the saying goes: a person cannot establish himself without credibility. It is also true with a company. As a professional legal translation service provider, Etranslegal is quite aware of the importance of integrity and always holds on to this principle when it comes to the provision of quality translation and the maintenance of the confidential information of the clients. Through several years of efforts, we have won the trust of and built up our reputation among the clients. Accuracy— Etranslegal’s core proofreading team is made up of senior legal translators. To ensure the standard and readability, all the final versions are proofread by English-speaking natives and the work process of “translating—proofreading— typesetting” is adopted, namely, the translation products accomplished by senior translators are revised by proofreaders majoring in law and native speakers before they are typeset by the technicians. Efficiency—Etranslegal uses the internationally advanced TRADOS system to ensure the average and unification of every translation product.Highly-qualified translation templates also lend a lot of help in the guarantee of translation optimization.
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